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One Tree Hotel

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One Tree Hotel

Riverina district, New South Wales, Australia

The One Tree Hotel stands alone against the flat skyline of western New South Wales. It's a stark reminder of days gone by of squatter's runs and stage coaches of the old Cobb & Co that used the pub as a staging post.

Built in 1862, the One Tree Hotel was named because of a lone large gum tree and it was made famous by Banjo Patterson's immortal poem, 'Hay and Hell and Booligal'. The hotel was a thriving business in the days until the licence was allowed to lapse in 1942.

Often as I travel around Australia I like to try and capture the Australian pioneering spirit, both current and past. Attempting to convey the historic nature and feel of this old pub was therefore critical to me in photographing this building. On this occasion, I arrived well before sunrise with the full moon shrouded by thin cloud, creating a somewhat eerie feel to the place. As the early pre dawn light began to emerge from behind me it began to light up the pub creating great even lighting with the moonlight above. The long exposure resulted in an image that helped create the feel I was looking for - one that conveyed the great history that exists in pubs like this all across former frontier lands of Australia.

2012 | Gold award - Canon AIPP Australian Professional Photography Awards
2012 | Gold award - NSW/ACT AIPP Epson Professional Photography awards
2012 | Bronze award - Epson International Pano Awards
2012 | Bronze award - Creative Asia Awards
2012 | Bronze award - International Loupe Awards

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