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Scott’s limited edition prints

What is a Scott Leggo limited edition print?
Each image selected as a Scott Leggo limited edition print is produced in strictly limited numbers and printed on the highest quality, archival print mediums.  These are print mediums that bring out the best Scott has captured in his photographs and are they are designed to last a lifetime. Each print comes numbered and with a personally signed and numbered certificate of authenticity from Scott Leggo.

Scott’s Limited Editions
When you purchase a Scott Leggo limited edition print, you can rest assured that your limited edition print is just that, a photographic print limited to the number in the edition.  Scott Leggo undertakes to only print and then sell the specified number in an edition (eg limited edition of 100) for that image, no matter the size. The size of the edition is stated with the images shown. It is this clear and unambiguous approach adopted by Scott that ensures not only will the value of your limited edition print increase in value over time but you can be assured in the knowledge that in a world of over 6 billion people your print is possessed by only a lucky few.

Photographs increase in value when they are well known. As a published photographer globally, Scott Leggo reserves the right to use the images sold as limited edition photographic prints in publications (such as books, magazines, calendars and online). This approach is in keeping with the aim of the limited editions – to make your photographic print more valuable and exclusive, ensuring that your investment will become an increasingly valuable and sought after piece of art.

Multiple print types. Scott’s limited edition prints are available in multiple premium quality print types, offering you the option to choose the print type type that best suits the look of your your home or office. LEARN MORE.

Limited edition canvas print in a home